Rowen Rewards

Our students deserve a safe and positive academic environment – one that encourages their academic, social and personal growth. At Rowen, we don’t just talk about a safe and positive learning environment, we do it!

Most distractions to productive teaching and learning can be avoided by implementing a school-wide positive behavior system. Character Counts, PBIS Rewards, Review 360 and other tools and techniques cultivate our safe and positive learning environment. Our system has the following characteristics:

  • It consists of clear expectations
  • It encourages positive behavior while preventing negative behavior
  • It consists of more preventative strategies than corrective ones
  • It encourages individual and group positive behavior
  • It uses rewards and consequences
  • It involves the entire community (staff, parents and students)

We reward positive behavior through a system of rewards and incentives. We partnered with PBIS Rewards to accomplish this work. Through PBIS Rewards, student earn virtual Terrific Tickets for positive behavior. Every other Friday, students redeem their virtual Terrific Tickets at our Rowen Roars School Store.