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William Rowen School is a place where challenge and creativity provide opportunities for every student to discover who he or she is meant to be.

As the only elementary school in the world to offer students immersive experiences to explore quantum information science, our school is preparing the next generation of scientists and engineers.


The challenge for 21st-century schooling is not merely the students’ acquisition of discrete skills, but rather the transference of those skills in new contexts to solve hard problems. In the 19th century, this nation needed George Washington Carver and Lewis Howard Latimer, but in our time, we will need young people of color to master the quantum realm, in order to do the incredible.


Dr. James G. Murray, Jr., Principal

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On March 10, 2022, William Rowen School dedicated a STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics) laboratory focused on training the next generation of students in quantum information science. Through its partnership with the Quantum Biology Laboratory (QBL) at Howard University, Rowen students will learn about… Read More


STEAM | June 2023

Dr. Murray is invited to participate in a panel discussion entitled Journeys of Innovation in Education at the International Society for Technology in Education in Philadelphia, PA.